Eat, Drink and Be Healthy

'Tis the season to enjoy all those delicious Thanksgiving dinners, holiday goodies, potluck parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations. However, in January, reality tends to set in and you find yourself making yet another “get back into shape” New Year’s resolution. But what if we told you it’s actually possible to enjoy your favorite foods and still stay healthy and maintain your weight during the holidays? Here are some easy, healthy tips that will have you making way more fun New Year’s resolutions than dieting.

Woman running in wintertime

Big Taste, Smaller Portions

Enjoy your favorite holiday foods, just don’t overload your plate. Eating smaller portions is easy — if you take a sample portion you will still be able to taste all your favorite flavors but you will be eating fewer calories.

Take Your Time

It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you’re full. Instead of stuffing down your meal and diving in for seconds, take the time to chew more and socialize! By slowing down, you will find you don’t need to go back for second helpings and you still get to savor the holiday flavors you love.

Go Light On Your Next Meal

Be realistic, it’s ok to indulge, just don’t indulge at every meal. Enjoy a big holiday meal or plate of party snacks but then “go light and eat right” the next day. Remember to eat a small snack before you go to a party. Fresh seasonal fruits or veggies with low fat dip and a few whole grain crackers are perfect ways to curb your appetite before going out.

Stay Active

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to burn calories. Two fifteen-minute walks a day or one 40 minute walk every other day is a perfect way to get moving, reduce stress and burn some holiday calories. Over the course of the season the health benefits will add up.

Cook and Bake Healthy Dishes

Serving tasty and healthy holiday dishes is a great gift in itself! Try bringing low-fat, low-sugar recipes to pot-luck parties or serving them to friends and family when you host. There are many great recipes that cut back on fats and sugars but still taste great. Healthy options will help you maintain fat and sugar levels as well as your weight between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Denver Health Medical Plan Staff Writer