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Photo of young woman and little girl in a happy hug

Winter 2023

The bond between humans and pets is undeniable. Besides the unconditional love they give us, pets can improve our physical and mental health as well.

Photo of father and young son carving a pumpkin together.

Fall 2022

We read to learn. We read to discover. We read to entertain. But, did you know that reading can also provide health benefits?

Woman and boy enjoying river raft ride.

Summer 2022

With summer in full swing and outdoor activities increasing, stings from bees and wasps are more and more common. Our NurseLine nurses have have some tips for prevention.

Smiling woman making heart shape with her hands.

Important Information 2022

This yearly issue has important information about your DHMP plan (Elevate Medicare Advantage, Elevate Exchange, Elevate Medicaid Choice, Elevate Child Health Plan Plus, DHHA, City and County of Denver)

Mom playfully pushing child in wheelbarrow.

Spring 2022

No matter where you live or what the season, keeping your skin healthy and hydrated can be a challenge. In Colorado, it’s even more important to protect your skin all year long.