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Image of night sky with fireworks.
A 4th of July celebration is not complete without fireworks, but safety is an important part of a happy gathering.
raw cauliflower in a metal cooking spoon resting on a wooden table
If you love dressing but not the carbs, this cauliflower dressing packs all the flavor of the classic version with none of the guilt.
Woman running in wintertime
Do you overindulge during the holidays only to regret it in the New Year? Find out ways to enjoy your holiday favorites while maintaining a healthy weight.
Man stressed out
Throughout the year, special occasions, like birthdays and holidays, can be difficult for the bereaved. Learn some helpful ways to cope.
Woman cleaning out clutter
The start of a new year prompts reflection and encourages fresh starts. Learn the secret to sticking with your resolutions throughout the year.
Man stretching in kitchen
It can be hard to work out during the holidays. But even if you skip the gym, learn how you can sneak in little exercise.
Thanksgiving turkey
If you’re trying to watch your weight, the holidays can really test your self-control. Learn how to keep your waistline in check.
kids trick or treating
Trick or treat … give me something good to eat — but not before you check it! Find out how to keep your kids safe this Halloween.