Easy Access to Your Pharmacy Benefits

Prescriptions can be filled at any National Network Pharmacy, such as MedImpact Direct Mail® (serviced by Birdi™ pharmacy), King Soopers, Walgreens, Safeway and most large retail pharmacy chains.

Prescriptions can also be filled at any Denver Health Pharmacy (as long as they are written by a Denver Health provider). Denver Health Pharmacies will give you the lowest prescription costs. 

For a list of all in-network pharmacies, refer to your Pharmacy Directory.

man getting his prescriptions in the mail

It's easy to get your prescriptions by mail.

Getting your prescriptions delivered right to your mailbox is a safe and easy way to stay on top of your medication refills. You have two options for mail delivery prescriptions. 

If you have an urgent prescription by mail request, learn about our urgent mail order request procedure.

woman getting a ride to destination.

You can also catch a ride to the pharmacy.

Did you know that your Elevate Medicare Advantage plan transportation benefits include trips to the pharmacy?

Photo of smiling woman showing that she got her vaccine.

Medicare Vaccines

Talk to your health care provider about covered preventive vaccines (shots) that can help keep you safe and healthy.

Safety: Drug Utilization Review

We conduct drug use reviews for our members to help make sure that they are getting safe and appropriate care. These reviews are especially important for members who have more than one provider who prescribes their drugs. We do a review each time you fill a prescription. We also review our records on a regular basis. During these reviews, we look for potential problems such as:

  • Possible medication errors
  • Drugs that may not be necessary because you are taking another drug to treat the same medical condition
  • Drugs that may not be safe or appropriate because of your age or gender
  • Certain combinations of drugs that could harm you if taken at the same time
  • Prescriptions written for drugs that have ingredients you are allergic to
  • Possible errors in the amount (dosage) of a drug you are taking
  • If we see a possible problem in your use of medications, we will work with your provider to correct the problem.