Hot chocolate and a cozy fire may sound much better than running up and down stairs, but when the winter blues start getting you down, it’s important to be active for both your physical and mental health. Don’t let the cold, ice and snow stop you — winter is a great opportunity to try some new indoor activities. There are plenty of quick, easy ways to stay active inside when the winter weather makes it hard to go outside. 

Guy on a treadmill

Here's a creative, compact workout that can be done in your own home in just two to three minutes per move:

  • Warm up. Put on some music that makes you feel like moving and dance around the living room.
  • Walk up and down the steps.
  • Do dumbbell curls and presses. If you don't have weights, use full water bottles.
  • Do squats. Sit on a fitness ball and keep your back against the wall or use the back of the couch for support.
  • Shadow box. Lift and lower the left leg; jab with the right arm, then the left; then lift and lower the right leg.
  • Fence — and you don't even need swords! Pretend you're holding a sword in each hand. Stand still, make an X-pattern with your arms and then move forward and back.
  • Hop on your exercise bike, treadmill or use a weighted hula hoop. If you don't have any of those, just go back to dancing.
  • Do stomach crunches.
Denver Health Medical Plan Staff Writer