Posts tagged "Safety"

Walking on slippery sidewalk
Our Colorado winter weather can be unpredictable with snow and especially ice. A little bit of prevention can decrease your risk of a fall.
Prepping a salad
No one plans to get a foodborne illness, but how many of us proactively implement ways to prevent it? Find out how you can keep your family safe.
Doctor with mother and daughter
Is your condition serious enough for an emergency department visit or should you seek urgent care? Learn where to go and why.
Woman driving
Think that text can’t wait until you’re home? Think again. Learn the facts and dangers of texting while driving.
Doctor with mother and daughter
Home may be where the heart is, but common household hazards could be putting your children at risk. Learn how to prevent injuries at home.
Pills spilled on the table
When was the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet? Find out about the importance of keeping your medication current.
Kids Jumping in a pool
The days are longer, the temperatures are rising and it’s time to shake off those winter blues! Take these simple steps to keep everyone safe during the fun-filled days of summer.
Man and woman biking in Denver
If you’re a bicyclist, walker or jogger, you have to look out for cars because they may not always look out for you. Learn ways to keep yourself safe.
Bee in a yellow flower
Summer … time to sit back and unwind — wait, who invited the bees? Find out how to treat the sting of your unwelcome guest.
Four people ice skating
As they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Find out how to protect yourself from preventable injuries this winter.