Taking Care of Our Mental Health

There is increased awareness these days that our mental health and well-being is a very important part of our overall health. In recent years, the pandemic, global instability, concern over the environment and negative social media influences have impacted each of us. In addition, events such as loss of a loved one, health challenges, being laid off or losing a home can seem insurmountable in the moment. We all experience loss at times in our lives. Good mental health gives us the resilience to get through challenges and stay steady.

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Your DHMP Benefits

Your Denver Health Medical Plan insurance covers mental health benefits. You can find information on our website about your mental health benefits and how to access a mental health provider. You can also message Health Plan Services for answers to your questions.

Community Resources

In addition to your DHMP health plan coverage, these community resources may be helpful for you or someone in your life.

  • ColoradoCrisisServices.org offers free, confidential, 24/7 support to people who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis.
  • COWellnessRecovery.org is a mental wellness and addiction recovery guide. It is a free resource for Coloradans considering recovery.
  • FindTreatment.samsa.gov is a free behavioral health treatment services locator, provided by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
  • Colorado.gov/Ladders LADDERS is the Office of Behavioral Health's searchable online directory to find a mental health or substance use provider in Colorado.
  • MaketheConnection.net shares stories of recovery from military veterans and provides resources to find local support.
  • AllHealthNetwork.org offers both walk-in services and extensive outpatient treatment for people de3aling with substance abuse problems, including opioid addiction, at multiple locations in Denver's southern suburbs
  • EatingDisorderFoundation.org has helped educate Coloradans on eating disorders since 2003. While the organization’s Uptown location is not a treatment center, anyone can walk in to receive no-cost consultations and get referrals for care.
  • TherapyEasy.co is a digital tool created here in Colorado to help match you with a therapist. Simply fill out a questionnaire that details your needs, and the service matches you with a mental health provider near you who is best suited to help.
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