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Photo of couple hugging.
Why do we wait for a special occasion to tell each other how we feel? Learn how you can show gratitude every day.
Photo of happy, multigenerational family at dinner table.
Is there a secret to being one of those families that seem so happy and healthy? It might not be a secret, but there are some habits that can help your family live in harmony and be healthier too!
Photo of man looking out window thoughtfully.
We all experience loss at times in our lives. Good mental health gives us the resilience to get through challenges and stay steady.
Loved One With Alzheimer’s
If a loved one has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, you might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Learn some tips to help you cope.
Woman scared under sheets
If you’ve ever felt haunted by a traumatic event from your past, you’re not alone. Learn how you can face your fears head-on.
French bull dog
They say dogs are man’s best friend, but what if they could also become your teacher? Learn some life lessons from Fido.
Woman prating yoga
We’ve all heard of body boot camps, but did you know you can build mental muscle by training a different way? Learn exercises that positively shape mental strength.
Confident woman standing in front of bookcase
Are you struggling with self-doubt or fear? Learn 10 things fearless women do that may make a room take notice when you walk in.
People laughing at a table
Spending time with friends and incorporating other simple experiences into your daily life may increase your happiness. Learn which research-backed habits can make you happier.