Take a Sick Day!

How many of us have gone to work sick when we knew we should be home resting? We’ve all done it, but we shouldn’t. According to a 2016 Cornell University study published in Health Services Research, up to three million U.S. employees each week work when they are sick. Taking a sick day is not a crime — some days you actually should take a day off work! When you go to work sick you not only risk getting sicker but also spreading germs to your coworkers.

Two people sick in bed

Take a day or so for yourself by following these simple tips:

  • Pay Attention to Your Body — Know Your Symptoms. Take care of those body aches, fever, headaches, congestion, cough, etc.
  • Hydrate and Eat Well. The one thing you need most when you are feeling sick is water. The same goes for proper nourishment. Eat what you can while giving your body something nutritious.
  • Stay in Bed. Do as little as possible — rest, rest, rest! Your body needs its resources to fight off infections and colds. Let it do its job.
  • Unplug. Once you’ve called off work, unplug from your electronics. Stress may have contributed to your illness in the first place. And if you can, turn off your work email. 
  • See your Doctor. Not every illness requires a visit to your doctor, but you should keep an eye on your symptoms. Delaying a provider visit can drive up health care costs if your sickness becomes worse.
Denver Health Medical Plan Staff Writer