Mother Knows Best

Moms want what’s best for us, but sometimes it takes years for us to realize they may have actually known what they were talking about. I remember when I was 13, any advice my mother gave me made me want to cringe, roll my eyes and say, “I already know, mom!”  Now age has given me more wisdom and life perspective, and I have come to realize that perhaps mother really did know best.  She was giving me love and advice so I could avoid life’s pitfalls.

Mother and daughters

Here is some wise, motherly advice shared by my teammates at Denver Health Medical Plan:

  • Your body is your temple. Make sure to take care of it
  • Money, success or beauty don't matter without your health
  • Let people surprise you
  • Given their circumstances, everyone is doing the best they can
  • Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are
  • You make a decision each morning to be happy or not
  • Be nice but never a doormat--teach people how to treat you
  • Trying to do things rushed usually ends up taking more time and not getting the job done well
  • Don’t say anything if you can't say something nice
Anhchi Ly, MS