Posts tagged "Mindfulness"

French bull dog
They say dogs are man’s best friend, but what if they could also become your teacher? Learn some life lessons from Fido.
man doing yoga on rock
Kabat-Zinn defined mindfulness as, "paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally.” Just how mindful are you?
Woman walking in a field of flowers
When was the last time you really tasted your food or smelled the flowers on a walk? Focusing on your senses can bring calm to a busy world.
Woman stretching
Do you feel like some things are holding you back or weighing you down? Maybe you just need to align your mind, body and soul.
woman sitting and drinking coffee
How do you cope when you’re upset or in a stressful situation? Learn how to manage your feelings by self-soothing and engaging each of your senses.
man relaxing
You’ve heard of the power of positive thinking, but what about the power of thinking to gain perspective? Learn where your thoughts can take you.
Two men talking on a set of stairs
They say we hurt the ones we love — but in the process, we may also be hurting ourselves. Learn how to be mindful in your relationships.
woman on a mountain top
Staying in your comfort zone may feel safe, but it’s not always the best option. A little anxiety might do you some good!
Woman eating dessert
Do you feel like you’re addicted to sugar and can’t go any length of time without it? Learn some lessons from a former sugar addict after her first cleanse.
Woman painting
Are you stuck in a rut? Sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike? Learn 10 tricks to help you engage your creative side.