Are You A Potato or An Egg?

We all have a life story, and both good and bad things happen to all of us. We encounter difficulties and circumstances we don’t expect.  We all face periods of hardship that at times can feel unbearable.  But in reality, it’s how we react to those times and the perspective we choose to take on the situation that will ultimately determine the impact it has on us. We may not always be able to choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we deal with the situation.

Woman snowboarding

Consider the story of Amy Purdy, a girl who from a very young age had always dreamed of becoming a professional snowboarder. At age 19 she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and had to have both legs amputated below the knee. Additionally, she nearly died of septic shock, had multiple organ failures and underwent a kidney transplant. Despite numerous medical complications that would seem unbeatable to many, Amy was determined to not let these circumstances impede her love for the sport — she has gone on to become a world-class snowboarder! 

How do you respond when you are faced with adversity? Are you a potato or an egg?  The determining situation for both is how they handle boiling water.  When placed in the water, the potato which was once very sturdy and hard becomes soft and crumbles easily. However, the easily breakable and fragile egg turns hard. Do you choose to play the role of the victim, placing blame on external things?  Or do you choose to see the positive in even the most tragic and horrific of experiences? As Amy said, “Life is too short not to move forward.” The choice is yours.

Denver Health Medical Plan Staff Writer