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Women leaving yoga class.
In recent years, diabetes has become more prevalent among both adults and children. Learn how you can stay on top of this manageable disease.
Little boy eating orange.
While it can’t cure a cold in progress, Vitamin C may reduce the duration of cold symptoms.
Photo of smiling, young woman drinking a glass of freshly-made juice.
Keto! Plegan! Nordic! Whole30! Paleo! Macro! Blood Type Diet! Fat Smash! Flexitarian! Hallelujah! BeachBody! Atkins! Nutrisystem! Intermittent Fasting! The No Diet Diet! Oh, my!
Photo of man savoring his food.
Mindful eating is just as important as the foods we choose to eat. Savoring our foods, appreciating the variety available to us, and taking time to absorb the flavors is an important aspect of a healthy diet.
image of plate with food groups labeled, including veggies, fruits, proteins and grains.
March in National Nutrition Month, and that means it’s time to take a moment to consider what nutrition means to you.
Woman drinking milk
To maintain strong bones, your body needs calcium. But what’s the best form of it to take? Learn how to get more calcium into your diet.
Butter cut on a table
Yes, fats can be good for you! Despite what you might think, it’s important to eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables and fats.
Mother and son getting water
What do you reach for when you’re thirsty? When you feel sluggish? Learn how water can fuel your health and well-being.
Flavored water drinks
If you think water tastes boring, maybe it just needs a little color! Discover how a little creativity can make ordinary water taste delicious!
Pouring a glass of water
Before you reach for that soda, have you reached for a glass of water yet today? Learn some creative ways to keep yourself hydrated.