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Woman drinking milk
To maintain strong bones, your body needs calcium. But what’s the best form of it to take? Learn how to get more calcium into your diet.
Butter cut on a table
Yes, fats can be good for you! Despite what you might think, it’s important to eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables and fats.
Mother and son getting water
What do you reach for when you’re thirsty? When you feel sluggish? Learn how water can fuel your health and well-being.
Flavored water drinks
If you think water tastes boring, maybe it just needs a little color! Discover how a little creativity can make ordinary water taste delicious!
Pouring a glass of water
Before you reach for that soda, have you reached for a glass of water yet today? Learn some creative ways to keep yourself hydrated.
Water glass and pitcher
While bottled water may sound like a healthy beverage, the facts may surprise you. Find out why tap water is better than bottled water.
Kid drinking water
How much water do you drink each day? Do you know if you’re getting enough? Learn why water should be part of your wellness routine.
Want to be more motivated about making smarter food and physical activity choices? Learn some new healthy habits.
Woman cleaning out clutter
The start of a new year prompts reflection and encourages fresh starts. Learn the secret to sticking with your resolutions throughout the year.
Thanksgiving turkey
If you’re trying to watch your weight, the holidays can really test your self-control. Learn how to keep your waistline in check.