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Women leaving yoga class.
In recent years, diabetes has become more prevalent among both adults and children. Learn how you can stay on top of this manageable disease.
Yoga class
Starting yoga might sound scary if you’re new to this activity. But if you’re able to push past this fear, the payoff is well worth it.
Photo of smiling, young woman drinking a glass of freshly-made juice.
Keto! Plegan! Nordic! Whole30! Paleo! Macro! Blood Type Diet! Fat Smash! Flexitarian! Hallelujah! BeachBody! Atkins! Nutrisystem! Intermittent Fasting! The No Diet Diet! Oh, my!
Two diet soda drinks on a table
If diet soda is your drink of choice, you may want to consider another option. Learn why diet soda isn’t the healthiest beverage.
Woman Running
Small, attainable goals may be better than large, sweeping changes. Learn ways to make small changes that focus on your overall health – not just the number on the scale.
Stepping on a scale
So many factors determine how quickly you lose weight. Have you been trying everything but still not getting results? Here are some possible reasons you aren’t losing the weight.