Payment Process for Providers

Denver Health Medical Plan (DHMP) has implemented an electronic provider payment process, using Zelis. This process provides the latest in secure payment technology, while adding efficiency to the claims payment process. Providers must enroll with Zelis to begin receiving electronic claim payments and remittances. Once enrolled in the Zelis Payment Network, you will receive streamlined payments and remittances from Denver Health Medical Plan. 

There will then be a one-to-one relationship between remittance advice (RA), both paper and 835/ERA and your payment. You will no longer receive multiple RA’s for one payment. When you onboard with Zelis, you will have the opportunity to select from many payment options. Please let DHMP Provider Relations know if you have concerns regarding this change.

To enroll, contact a Zelis Provider Enrollment Advisor today at 1-855-496-1571 or visit

If you decide not to enroll, you will receive paper checks and remittance advice or can log into our provider portal to access your remittance advice electronically.

Zelis Provider Enrollment

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6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday

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