DHHA Employer Plan enrolled employees with out-of-area/out-of-state spouse or dependents

As soon as you enroll in a DHMP plan, you must notify Health Plan Services (HPS) if anyone on your plan (spouse or dependent) lives out-of-area/out-of-state (considered to be out-of-network). Only the subscriber (DHHA Employer Plan enrolled employee) is authorized to notify DHMP of out-of-area/out-of-state spouse or dependents. Subscribers must notify DHMP of out-of-area/out-of-state spouse/dependents each plan year. If a spouse or dependent moves during the plan year, such as a child going out-of-area for college, you must notify HPS. What defines ‘out-of-area/out-of-state’ will be determined by your employer, Denver Health and Hospital Authority.