How to Use the Health Plan Services Phone Line for Scope of Appointment

We expect you to use the Health Plan Services (HPS) phone line to record the Scope of Appointment (SOA) for remote SOA appointments. After you set up an appointment with your prospect, call HPS and follow the instructions below. A 3–way call that includes you, your prospect and our HPS representative is required.

Step 1. Call the HPS phone line at 303-602-2111.

Step 2. The prospect (or Authorized Representative) provides the following information:

  • Customer’s first and last name
  • Customer’s address and phone number
  • Time and date of upcoming appointment
  • Verification of Plans to be discussed

Step 3. Our HPS representative will give you a confirmation number to confirm that the SOA has been recorded. You’ll need this confirmation number before electronically submitting the new customer’s application.

Key information to include:  Agent’s first and last name, Agent ID (that’s your writing number), Your initial method of contact