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Medicaid Choice Behavioral Health Care

Your Behavioral Health Care Provider

Denver Health Medicaid Choice (DHMC) partners with Colorado Access to provide full health care benefits to members. DHMC handles physical health. Colorado Access handles behavioral health. Behavioral and physical health care are both important. You need both to be healthy.

As your behavioral health care provider, Colorado Access can help you with things like mental health or substance use care. Call to talk to a Colorado Access care coordinator. You can also find a behavioral health provider by using the online Colorado Access Provider Directory.

Colorado Access Behavioral Health Care Coordination
1-800-511-5010, select option 3
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Ombudsman for Behavioral Health Access to Care

The office of the Ombudsman for Behavioral Health Access to Care acts as a neutral party to help members and health care providers address issues related to behavioral health access to care. DHMP is subject to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA). A denial, restriction, or withholding of benefits for behavioral health services that are covered under the medical assistance program could be a potential violation of MHPAEA. If you have or are experiencing a behavioral health access to care issue, contact the office of the Ombudsman for Behavioral Health Access to Care.

Ombudsman for Behavioral Health
Phone: 303-866-2789
Colorado Department of Human Services