Read for Your Health With Denver Public Library

At Denver Public Library, we know that reading is a healthy habit for all ages. Reading has positive effects on our brains. There are plenty of direct and indirect ways reading can benefit us. It can help maintain or improve our memory, increase our vocabulary, and even make us better writers.

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Read for Your Health

When it comes to the benefits of reading, something we might not consider is how it can affect our mental, emotional and social health. The mental health benefit of simply taking time for yourself out of a day and reading can be a form of self-care. Once you complete a book, the feeling of accomplishment one feels can provide a nice boost of confidence, which, hopefully, you can carry into other aspects of your personal and professional work life. 

Take a Break from Screen Time

In today’s virtual world, taking a screen break and picking up a book is another way to help our mental well-being. Extended periods of screen time can have a negative impact on our mental and emotional health. Reading a physical book can be a form of respite from the eve- present screen stimulation. 

Engage in Community

Participating in book clubs with friends, family or other community members at your local library can be a great way to discuss and think through what you are reading and form connections. Reading can enhance our brain function. The added benefits of social interaction, which we all need, can make for another great way to go about reading books while building a community.  

Exercise Your Brain

Even the book you select can have an impact on your health. Fiction and. Nonfiction can both stimulate your brain in different ways. With non-fiction you can engage with social issues, historical stories, science, do research and so much more. Reading fiction can allow you to escape into a different world built by the author filled with characters and stories that can spark your creative mind. Ultimately, reading anything that you find interesting will engage your brain, and improve brain function. 

Denver Public Library

Visiting your local library is a free and accessible way to reap the health benefits of reading to your heart’s content. At Denver Public Library, our expert team can help you select your next read. There are several ways you can access titles, whether you prefer a physical book, eBook, or an audiobook - you can see all of our options by searching our catalog online or by visiting a location. Too many options to choose from? We can help with that! Try requesting a personalized reading list based on previous titles you’ve enjoyed. Any Colorado resident can get a Denver Public Library card and start reading today. 

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